softWoRx® Explorer 2.0 - Imaging and microscopy software

softWoRx® Explorer 2.0 file viewer makes it easy to open images anywhere. The software package makes it possible to visualize and analyze data in 2D, 3D or 4D. It also allows for the comparison of images side-by-side as well as the ability to annotate, animate and export into multiple image and movie formats.

Compatible with Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.

New Features:
  • Tabbed images
  • Montage View
  • Wavelength View
  • 3D Volume View
  • Segmentation
  • Charting

Core Features and Tools:
  • Wavelength Select
  • Z - Control
  • T (time) - Control
  • Able to display images larger than available memory
  • On screen scale bar annotation on/off (overlayed)
  • On screen Wavelength and Z annotations on/off
  • On screen time stamp annotations on/off
  • Supports Copy and Paste of image to other applications
  • Print image window
  • Scaling Tool with Histogram
  • Wavelength Color Tool
  • 4D Measurement Tool
  • Data Inspector Tool
  • 4D Animation Tool
  • ROI (rectangle)

Import Formats and Features:
  • Auto detect file format on Open
  • Auto load MultiFile TIFF sequences
  • Able to load images or sequences larger than memory available
  • Supports loading 2D sequences (X/Y)
  • Supports loading 3D sequences (X/Y/Z)
  • Supports loading 4D sequences (X/Y/Z/ wavelength)
  • Supports loading 5D sequences (X/Y/Z/ wavelength /Time)
  • Supports filters on directory listings (*.tiff / *.ome / *.dv / supported files / all files)
  • Import TIFF, MultiFile TIFF and MultiFrame TIFF
  • Import DeltaVision image files
  • Import OME (Open Microscopy Environment)

Export/Save Formats and Features:
  • Supports specifying pixel size
  • Supports specifying scaling method
  • Supporting specifying 5D parameters during save (X/Y/Z/ Wavelength /Time)
  • Displays preview of image saved (Photoshop, JPEG)
  • Export to TIFF and auto-named MultiFile TIFF (Z, T, Wavelength)
  • Export to OME (Open Microscopy Environment)
  • Export to DeltaVision image files
  • Export to MPG4, AVI, QuickTime, Flash and M4V (iTunes) movie formats
  • Export to JPEG and PSD (Photoshop) 
Software Link: softWoRx® Explorer 2.0 - Imaging and microscopy software 

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