Biomax Oncology Base - Cancer Gene Database

The Biomax Oncology Base is the first comprehensive index of virtually all published cancer-related genes (over 6000) and their associations to diseases and drug compounds. It is constructed from a mixture of automatic text mining of MEDLINE abstracts (using the BioLT Literature Mining Tool), semi-automatic verification, and manual validation and scoring of results. For each manually validated cancer gene, annotators read all the cancer-term-associated and drug-term-associated statements and add structured, controlled vocabularies describing the gene's role in the cancer and the associated evidence.

Integrates project data with clinical data and experimental data using the BioXM Knowledge Management Environment
  • Searches for networks of relationships and candidate genes
  • Connects information related to clinical conditions to the field of molecular biology
  • Finds connections between cancer sub-types, genes and compounds 
Software Link: Biomax Oncology Base - Cancer Gene Databas

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