Gel-Pro Analyzer - Gel analysis software

Gel analysis software that extracts valuable qualitative and quantitative information from electrophoretic gels, blots and colonies

With Gel-Pro Analyzer's image processing algorithms, results are often ready with the touch of just one button, eliminating the tedious trail of multiple mouse clicks necessary with other software packages. Images of wet gels, dry gels, photos, or gels on film can be acquired and analyzed automatically with Gel-Pro software.

  • Get the Best Measurement Data
  • Easily capture gel, microplate, or blot images
  • Acquire images via world-renowned Media Cybernetics camera drivers or TWAIN
  • Achieve Accuracy and Precision
  • Work with intuitive user interface based on actual laboratory protocols and terminology
  • Build exact quantitation calibration curves with amount standards
  • Recognize lanes & bands automatically & get immediate results
  • Get quantitative results using user input sample loads allocated to bands
  • Calculate unknown band Molecular Weight via standards
  • Make the Most of your Image Data
  • Optimize the image display characteristics
  • Saturation warning for images overexposed during capture
  • Compensate for irregular band migration
  • Multiple standard lanes and automatic slant detection
  • Binning of dot/blot array data with statistical and quantitative analysis
  • Experiment recording and replay with easy-to-use macro tools
  • Document & Communicate Your Analysis
  • Ease experiment record keeping with library and laboratory notes management features
  • Output experiment results from Gel-Pro straight to MS Excel or other DDE supported applications
  • Email or use FTP to transfer images directly from within Gel-Pro
  • Report results with user-defined report templates
  • Vast Image and Data File Format Support
  • Read and write files in TIFF, HPP, BMP, CUT, EPS, JPG, Photo CD, PCT, PCX, TGA, and FLAT (Binary)
  • Convert files to and from all the above formats
  • Supports 1, 8, 12, 16, 24, and 32 bit floating point images
  • JPEG, LZW, RLE compression supported
  • Batch convert files
  • Output data files to ASCII, WK1, or XLS as input for spreadsheets
  • Transfer images, data graphs, and data files via DDE or Clipboard
  • 12- and 16-bit image and scanner support

Image Database
The image database allows easy and efficient capture, storage, and retrieval of images and includes the following features:
  • View thumbnail images
  • Save extensive information with each thumbnail
  • Customize image data fields
  • Organize and search thumbnails by any database criteria
  • Includes macro support, compatible with Gel-Pro macro creation utilities
Software URL: Gel-Pro Analyzer - Gel analysis software

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