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The geneXplain platform is an online toolbox and workflow management system for scientists in the field of molecular biology. Here, you can store and analyze your experimental data - including transcriptomics, proteomics, and ChIP-seq -, search for master regulator molecules, perform gene set enrichment analysis, and even add your own workflows and scripts.
Key features of the platform:
• Collection, storage and analysis of experimental data
• Loading raw microarray data, BED files and more
• Statistical processing of raw data
• Comfortable work with tabulated data: comparison, joining, subtracting, sorting, etc.
• Mapping to Gene Ontology terms, Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
• Network clustering and search for master regulator molecules, visualization of pathway diagrams in several different layouts, export in a number of formats
• Dynamic simulations
• Browsing through several databases
• Possibility to graphically program a specific pipeline (workflow), and add new scripts

The geneXplain platform combines a growing number of analytical modules (bricks) under a standardized interface, which can flexibly be combined to comprehensive workflows via a simple drag-and-drop system. Predefined workflows are already available, as well as state-of-the-art bricks. Also, the scientific community is invited to add their own bricks as scripts or plug-ins into the platform.

A fully functional free trial account, as well as further information, is available on our homepage.

Software Link : geneXplain - Molecular biology Research Software

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