In-silico molecular cloning ( IMC ) - Molecular Biology application software

In-silico molecular cloning (IMC) is a renowned software package for comprehensive analysis, annotation and visualization of genomic features. It has been on the Japanese market for over six years and is now being distributed internationally.


Key features of IMC:
• Drawing of plasmid maps
• DNA digestion by restriction enzymes
• Ligation of sequences
• PCR, from primer design to gel electrophoresis of the results
• Amino acid profile analysis
• Automatic or manual annotation of features
• Search for homologies, patterns and repeats
• Array analysis

The IMC software package provides a rich functionality; methods from in silico molecular cloning to genome to array analysis are included in the IMC Array edition (IMC-AE). The IMC Genomics edition (IMC-GE) focuses on functions to handle genome data, the standard edition (IMC-SE) provides all basic functions to visualize genomic annotation.

The software runs on Windows, Mac and Linux and has been developed by in silico biology, Inc., in Yokohama, Japan. (

A free fully functional trial version, as well as further information, is available on our homepage.

Software Link: In-silico molecular cloning  ( IMC ) - Molecular Biology application software 

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