Methyl Primer Express - DNA methylation analysis software

This free software enables you to design high quality PCR primers for methylation mapping experiments. Simply cut and paste in your region of interest. The tool searches for CpG islands and simulates bisulfite modification of DNA in silico. Applied Biosystems supplies all the tools you need to complete methylation mapping experiments.

Methyl Primer Express® Software v1.0 enables you to:
  • Easily design robust primers for methylation studies.
  • Annotate the transcription start base and translation start codon.
  • Highlight target regions of interest and examine these boundaries in your primer design reports.
  • Predict CpG islands in your DNA sequence.
  • Simulate the bisulfite modification of DNA.
  • Create a reference" sequence for downstream sequencing analysis.
  • Modify CpG Search and Primer Design Criteria Easily
  • Flexible software enables you to easily modify the criteria you use to search for CpG islands in your sample DNA.
  • Create Information-Rich Reports
  • Create primer design reports containing your sample's initial DNA sequence 
Software Link: Methyl Primer Express - DNA methylation analysis software

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