Pathway Studio - Pathway Analysis Software

Pathway Studio pathway analysis software helps you to interpret gene expression and other high throughput data, build, expand and analyze pathways, find relationships among genes, proteins, cell processes and diseases, and draw publication-quality pathway diagrams.
  • Pathway Studio augments your traditional way of working with literature with an immediate automatic access to all published facts in a single database and helps you to:
  • Find major regulators of a disease mechanism, a stress response, or a cell process;
  • Identify the most influential transcription factors or signaling pathways from gene expression data;
  • Compile and visualize a network of protein relations from recently published literature or discoveries in the lab;
And more.

  • You can analyze the following types of experimental data:
  • Gene Expression (Affy, Illumina, Agilent, other platforms);
  • Proteomic, protein IDs and abundance value (Mass Spec, 2D-gel);
  • Lists of proteins, diseases, or small molecules.
  • Pathway Studio comes with a selection of mammalian and other databases. Importantly, you can easily update Ariadne databases from the new PubMed content and experimental data.
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