PlateKi - Software for Biochemistry

Determination of inhibition constants and IC-50 from plate-reader data


Program PlateKi for Windows-NT/9x/2000/XP is currently used in leading pharmaceutical research laboratories to determine "tight-binding"or "classical" inhibition constants from raw plate-reader data. Associated IC50 values are also determined for compatibility with most corporate databases.

  • Automatic model selection in fitting the reaction progress curves (straight line, quadratic parabola, first or second degree exponential).
  • Automatic initial estimate of the inhibition constant .
  • Optional robust regression with automatic exclusion of outliers .
  • Determination of nonsymmetrical confidence intervals for model parameters according to the profile-t method (Bates & Watts, 1988).
  • Fitting of dose-response curves either to the Morrison equation for tight binding or to the four-parameter logistic equation.

  • High processing speed (approximately 100 milliseconds per inhibition constant, including progress curve analysis).
  • Outlier exclusion minimizes labor and removes subjective bias.
  • Can be used for secondary in-vitro screening of purified enzymes, or in cell-based assays.
  • Summary output file can be imported into Excel and/or corporate databases. 
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