Stat-200 - Data Analysis Management software

Stat-200 is a remarkably comprehensive general statistics package. It incorporates all the descriptive statistics, parametric and non-parametric statistical tests, graphics and data transforms you will need for processing, analyzing and presenting data. Parametric tests and procedures in Stat-200 total 60 and there are 66 non-parametric tests and procedures and 30 different descriptive statistics. ANOVA is comprehensive and includes general N factor analysis. Many unusual procedures are included e.g. survival analysis. All tests have associated information windows which give literature references and other facts to assist in getting the right one for the job. Probabilities are calculated directly so there is no need to use tables.

Stat-200 has a state-of-the-art user interface with all its statistical and plotting modules easily selected from the logical tree views. Procedures you use frequently can be placed in a Favorites list for instant access. The workbook is a powerful tool for manipulating and selecting data. It can be any size, limited only by your computer hardware. More than 65 data transforms are supplied and there is a high-level language built-in to enable any transform to be programmed by the user. Data can be keyed-in and also either copied and pasted or dragged and dropped from spreadsheets. In addition, spreadsheet files in many formats can be directly opened. Stat-200 is readily integrated with databases and it supports Recordset tables for ODBC database connections enabling data and results to be easily passed back and forth.

Software LInk : Stat-200 - Data Analysis Management software

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