ToxExpress - Gene expression database

The foundation of Gene Logic's ToxExpress® Program is our ToxExpress® System. Developed in collaboration with major pharmaceutical companies, the ToxExpress® System is the largest database of its kind, comprised of over 14,000 individual vehicle and normal control and drug-treated animal tissue samples. A consortium of our customers stringently evaluates compound selection, study protocols, and in-life data, resulting in a consistent, robust database that serves as a premier reference source for both gene expression and related in-life toxicology data.

The ToxExpress® System is designed to help extensively characterize compounds, to facilitate the drug development process and aid in decision-making. The ToxExpress® System supports end-user research efforts and extensive knowledge building in four major areas:
  • Investigative Toxicology
  • Predictive Toxicology
  • Mechanistic Toxicology
  • Safety Biomarker Discovery 
Software Link: ToxExpress - Gene expression database 

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