Un-Scan-It Gel - Gel Analysis Software

The UN-SCAN-IT gel - Gel Analysis Software turns your scanner into a gel densitometer and allows you to automatically analyze gel electrophoresis images. UN-SCAN-IT gel software works with most image formats (TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.) from any scanner, digital camera, or other image source to digitize and analyze electrophoresis gels. UN?SCAN?IT gel can quantify Western blots, Agarose gels, PCR gels, TLC, etc. In addition to the gel analysis features, UN-SCAN-IT gel also contains all the (x,y) graph digitizing features of regular UN-SCAN-IT.

If you have ever had to guess at the intensity or location of gel bands, hold two gels up to a light to compare band location or intensity, or wait in line to use an expensive gel densitometer system... then you will find the UN-SCAN-IT gel software to be an accurate, inexpensive, and easy to use alternative to higher priced densitometry software.

With UN-SCAN-IT gel - Gel Analysis Software you can...
  • Turn your scanner into a high-speed gel densitometer
  • Quantify lanes, segments, and dot blots
  • Analyze TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, and many other image formats
  • Perform gel densitometry and quantification on many types of electrophoresis bands
  • Quantify Western blots, Agarose gels, PCR gels, TLC, or any other gel image
  • Improve accuracy and reproducibility
  • Reduce the need for guesswork in gel quantifying
  • Automate your gel analysis for a much lower cost than other densitometry software
  • Reduce gel analysis times and increase laboratory productivity
  • Determine the relative abundance and position of each band or segment within the gel
  • Calibrate the image intensity to normalize results
  • Save the data in ASCII and clipboard format
  • Export gel data to other spreadsheet, data analysis, and graphics programs
  • Digitize (x,y) graphs with all of the same features as regular UN-SCAN-IT

How UN-SCAN-IT gel Works
Although the UN-SCAN-IT gel - Gel Analysis Software has numerous options and features, the basic operation simply consists of converting an image (TIFF, BMP, JPEG, PCX, etc.) into pixel density and area values through a few simple gel analysis steps...

  • UN-SCAN-IT gel Features
  • Lane analysis for gel lanes
  • Segment analysis for gel segments
  • Full Scanner Resolution image analysis
  • Analyze TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, TGA, PICT, PCX, and other image formats
  • Linear and logarithmic optical densities
  • Point and click peak insertion and editing
  • Automatic and user defined lane sizing and alignment
  • Molecular weight determination for each band
  • Sequencing gel mode (ACGT)
  • Image intensity calibration for true reproducibility
  • Resizable windows and custom screen colors
  • Intuitive and easy to use electrophoresis software
  • Data stored in ASCII and clipboard format for use in spreadsheet, data analysis or graphics programs
On-line help
Free customer support
+ All the graph digitizing features of regular UN-SCAN-IT

Newest Features | Gel
  • Dot Blot Analysis
  • Clone Drawing Mode
  • Grayscale and Color Gel Analysis
  • Additional Image Formats
  • Enhanced Background Subtraction
  • Improved Help Menus and Graphics
  • Automatic Saturation Checking
  • Lane/Segment Slider
  • Additional Gel Segments
  • Segment Labeling
  • Enhanced Density Profile
  • Calibration Curves
  • New User's Manual

Newest Features | Graph
  • Drag and Drop Setup
  • Colored Data Recognition
  • Grayscale Data Recognition
  • Data Eraser
  • Polar Coordinate Digitizing
  • Horizontal/Vertical Grid Filter
  • Intersecting Line Following
  • Automatic Dashed/Dotted Line Following
  • Raster Scan Scatter Plot Mode
  • Variable Surface Point Assignment
  • Multi-Point Manual Digitizing
  • Icon Slider
  • Sample Images 
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