DNR Bio Notebook - Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN

DNR Bio Notebook is a Microsoft™ Windows™ application replacing the traditional pen-and-paper method of documenting laboratory experiments.
With DNR Bio Notebook you can keep all your data in one place. You can import images, documents and even videos. You can detect the editor's identity of each file and the editing time. Scan your DNR Bio Notebook using the integrated search engine to quickly find the information you need.
DNR Bio Notebook is equipped with an editable online knowledgebase for your organization. Keep all your reference information in one shared location. Manage reagents, antibodies, primers, protocols and much more.

Rotate, crop or change brightness and contrast of images in the notebook
Use the built-in calculators to easily convert weight to molarity, determine percentages and more
Annotate images and quickly draw diagrams using the EZBoard tool
Place "sticky notes" on notebook pages in order to add comments or reminders
DNR Bio Notebook does not require a dedicated server or any complicated installation and integration procedure. Simply download, install and enjoy.

Software Link: DNR Bio Notebook - Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN

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