PEAKS - Proteomic Mass Spectrometry Software

PEAKS is proteomic mass spectrometry software, designed for the researcher interested in highly confident results. Whether studying an unsequenced organism, sequencing synthetic peptides or analyzing known sequences, PEAKS will return optimal results.

Start with the raw (unprocessed) data straight from the mass spectrometer, use various workflows to streamline tasks at hand, and report results in a clear user interface. PEAKS will give greater coverage and confidence in one shot than many other tools combined. Even a novice can obtain publishable results within minutes.

Proteomic Tools

  • de novo Sequencing: Sequence peptides without a database (automated and manual-assisted)
  • PEAKS DB: Protein Identification with maximum accuracy and sensitivity
  • inChorus: Validate your results with multiple search engines
  • PTM Finder: Map PTMs efficiently
  • SPIDER: Homology Search specialized for de novo sequencing
  • PEAKS Q: Quantify your tandem mass spectrometer results

More Than Just Database Search!

Running a database search alone can be effective but often will give false positives or incorrect identifications.1 Since 2002, PEAKS has been the industry standard for de novo sequencing by leading mass spectrometry labs around the world. But there is more to PEAKS than just database search and de novo sequencing. The following pages will discuss a variety of tools that should be a part of daily practices.

Provide your lab with a complete solution for proteomic mass spectrometry investigation; provide it with PEAKS. Protein identification via database searching and de novo sequencing produces stable results worthy of discovery and publication foundations.

What Are Your Needs?

PEAKS is available as both desktop and server solutions. PEAKS Studio is the optimal desktop model and PEAKS Online is the vast server/cluster model. Once you have read about the multiple tools provided with PEAKS within this General Information section, choose the solution that best meets your lab's needs and start testing. Not only is there access to request a downloadable free trial of PEAKS Studio, the BSI website hosts a public server for PEAKS Online where users can submit their own data, free, on a daily basis.

Get Published!

PEAKS makes getting published easier than ever before. Summary reports are automatically produced giving viewers a detailed glimpse of the project's results. Detailed images are easily exported and are configurable to fit exactly into the spaces you want. You no longer need to spend time adjusting blurred or distorted images to suit a specific location. We take pride in our software so you can take pride in your research.

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