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Ensemble for Life Science blends social networking, personal publication, and refined data mining to assist internal and external research communication and management. Ensemble is an on demand software platform that brings the best of Web 2.0 technologies inside a private and secure business network. Ensemble simplifies data management and collaboration for scientifically oriented companies, and is the first scientifically aware cloud computing system.

What makes Ensemble great? Simplicity.
Our philosophy is to create great products that are simple to use, maintain and install. Ensemble reduces the administrative load usually found in enterprise life science systems. In our experience complex systems and long deployment schedules = low return on investment. One of the benefits of this philosophy is the chameleon like ability of Ensemble to solve many very specific problems in the life science lab - without the need of new systems to solve every business issue identified.

The Researcher's Desktop
Researchers typically report data within an organization through reports, team meetings, management reviews and the grapevine". These crude processes are natural bottlenecks to efficient and clear communication of research experiences between scientists. Enter a system that allows a scientist to log on and view a daily synopsis of research that he or she is interested in.

Easy to use
Ensemble is designed to let you spend more time in the lab and less in front of a computer entering data. User interface
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