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Labcore InSight™ is a web-based project management, information management and collaboration tool that is highly configurable based on the needs of the organization. InSight enables teams and individuals to create and manage many project types and easily share and collaborate with others through a simple, intuitive interface. Insight was initially built for the needs of project workers at 3M, one of the worlds most innovative companies. Since its launch in 2007 the product has been an instant success due to its ability to improve 3M's project management and worker productivity.

Why is InSight different than other project management and collaboration tools?
Highly flexible system that can be configured to meet the needs of the customer
Simple and easy to use built with project workers in mind
Implementation approach is very iterative and collaborative with the customer and users ensuring configuration and workflows that meet their needs

What are InSight's Features?

- Flexible Projects
InSight allows authorized users to create virtual any project structure needed and assign team members in a very granular role based security system. Benefit - as your project needs change the system can be adapted easily to meet your need.
Project templates also enable rapid creation of specific project types that are used often. Benefit - users are more inclined to use the system because it makes there job easier.

- Collaboration Tools
InSight's collaboration tools allow project workers to share ideas, documents, emails or files of any type through discussion and files area of each project.

- Document/File Management
InSight's has a version controlled document library database is very robust and scalable so it can handle the storage needs for the largest enterprise in a very efficient manner. Virtually any file type can be stored and retrieved easily in the InSight software.
Documents and files are under version control so the full life cycle of a record can be kept from its initial check in to the system to an unlimited number of revisions.
InSight's integration with WebDav allows users to collaboratively edit and manage files on remote World Wide Web servers. It provides functionality to create, change and move documents on a remote server. This is useful for, among other things, authoring the documents which a web server serves, but can also be used for general web-based file storage that can be accessed from anywhere.

- Notification/Email integration
InSight simplifies and streamlines communication on a project using notifications that email users when changes or updates are made to projects. Links within the email take users directly to the appropriate content within the project.

- Searchable
Everything in InSight is searchable - pages, discussions, comments, emails, attachments, and people.

- Integration
InSight can be integrated with LDAP, ActiveDirectory, SQL databases and web services.

InSight is designed for quick, scalable implementations and requires minimal training so your laboratory can experience the benefits in short order. Labcore offers flexible, affordable pricing options that deliver a speedy return on investment (ROI). Labcore pricing options include a traditional perpetual license, based on the number of named users, to a subscription model which eliminate the high start up costs associated with laboratory software. Labcore can be a securely delivered Software-as-Service and is ideal for labs with minimal or fully-utilized IT resources.

See for yourself why leading regulated laboratories are selecting Labcore's products and solutions. Request a free demo today!

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