Xcards - QA/ QC management software

XCards makes the time-consuming business of quality management with control cards much easier. Less time means also fewer costs. Data must only be entered once and then can be used in different control cards. Most of the common control card systems are supported. An assistant makes it easier to enter new control cards without restricting flexibility. XCards fulfils the most stringent requirements through a hierarchical user management and access authorization system combined with an audit trail which protocols out-of-control-situations, user actions and changes of specifications. Reports and screen presentation can be adapted flexibly to each user and to the requirements of his work station. Corporate identity is preserved by configurable logos and headers/footers. Warning and control limits can be determined automatically or manually by use of a previous period. New out-of-control-situations cause configurable actions like e.g. sending e-mails or starting external programs. On single-position systems workbooks are saved in network compatible data bases.

Functional Range

Supported Control Cards
Single value, mean value, blind value, deviations, recovery rates, span width and standard deviation control cards
Limits may be entered manually as well as determined automatically.
Out-of-control-situations can be defined by the user.

Powerful reporting with definable cover sheet, headers and footers, selection to report parts to be printed.
Generation of PDF, HTML and RTF exports.

GConfigurable graphics (colour, symbols, design), selectable scaling, zoom

Language Support
Report generation in German, English in preparation
Program in German, English in preparation

Import & Export
Text formats: ASCII, HTML, RTF
Graphic formats: BMP, WMF, EMF
Clipboard, Drag-und-Drop

21 CFR Part 11
Hierarchical user management, audit trail (control card definition, data input and revision, program, default) with full context, revisioned filing with time stamp, user and commentary.

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