CellCap Analysis Software - Flow Cytometry software

CellCap Analysis Software offers an array of tools for effective data exploration and information presentation, as well as the tools necessary to efficiently manage the data workflow, and ultimately, to share information. All in the familiar Windows-based environment that is both easy-to-use and powerful.

Workflow management
Data management is an important parts of flow cytometry workflow. Fortunately, the CellCap Software offers a complete set of tools to annotate and organize your data.
Easy and clear data management is one of the main principles of CellCap. You are able to find your experiment files from the workspace immediately or with a single click from the database. A clear pop up window helps categorize, export or place your data files under favorites.
Cellcap offers a powerful template system for efficient work. Experiments, sample and tube documents, statistics, calculated parameters and compensation settings can be saved as templates for future use. Sophisticated data management system allows you to set labels for plots and axis at any phase of the analysis.

All core facility managers emphasize the importance of data security , compatibility and easy workflow. Cellcap has been designed to fulfill these requirements.
Data security is ensured through our data vault which allows for multilevel user access. The administrator can set access rights, manage users and set password for them.
Flow cytometry standards have developed significantly over the past decade. We acknowledge the importance of different standard formats and designed CellCap to be compatible with any flow cytometer capable of exporting files in standard FCS 2.0 or FCS 3.0 format.
The powerful network facilities of CellCap enables sharing of experiments, report and data across any network.

Visualization toolbox
Visualizing meaningful questions in multi-dimensional -space requires software tools that present data in a way that supports visual thinking. The perfect presentation makes it easier to organize and understand the information. CellCap Software's Visualization Toolbox provides an array of tools that quickly enable the scientist find critical information, trends, outliers, etc in their data
For better data visualisation, CellCap is equipped with variety of overlays and dot plots . With changes of resultion you can emphasise different clusters in contour plots. The multiple histogram overlay allows you better comparison of clusters.
Time parameter allows analysis of kinetic studies along with providing valuable quality control data on your experiment. Filtering tools simplify focusing on items of interest such as gates, regions and colors.

Data Analysis Toolbox
CellCap provides computational support to augment data visualization/filtering/sorting through the use of tools to help with grouping, aggregating and summarizing data.
The sophisticated statistical analysis toolbox offers multiple analysis methodology. Linear or logaritmic channels can be displayed in same document, plot settings may be duplicated with a single click and flexible statistics windows provides a variety of data display options.
When getting data from sapmles and tubes is not enough to meet your customized analysis needs, CellCap gives you access to personalized analytics through its embedded Calculation Sheet.
CellCap's unique color compensation play back feature provides you a real time feedback on histogram and 2D plot cahnges. You save time and efforts using this vivid mode of compensation. Simple, easy, efficient.

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