LABTrack - Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN

LABTrack is the Electronic Laboratory Notebook that addresses the needs of all scientific disciplines and in all types of laboratories. It is the one software program that can bring together all of your organization's research, development and production laboratory data.

LABTrack - the ELN for all scientists:
  • True Thin Client Application - runs in browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari).
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac.
  • Easy to learn and very flexible Word Processor design.
  • Can store any type of file (ex. images, spectra, chromatograms, drawings, spreadsheets, Word docs, etc).
  • Unlimited number of users can share notebooks and files concurrently.
  • Search on data on notebook pages, embedded files and in templates. Mine your notebooks for data.
Software Link: LABTrack - Electronic Laboratory Notebook ELN 

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