MassHunter Metabolite ID Software

Streamlined Metabolite Identification with MassHunter Metabolite ID Software

The MassHunter Metabolite ID software vastly simplifies metabolite identification without taking away your choice or control. It is used with the Agilent 6510 Q-TOF LC/MS which delivers the MS and MS/MS data quality of a research-grade mass spectrometer with the reliability and ease of use of a single quadrupole or TOF instrument.

  • Superior accurate-mass MS and MS/MS data results in better, more accurate identification
  • A wide in-scan dynamic range and unsurpassed Q-TOF sensitivity help find low abundance metabolites in the presence of more abundant compounds
  • Unique molecular feature extraction algorithms do a better job of finding metabolites
  • Metabolite ID software increases productivity and throughput 
Software Link: MassHunter Metabolite ID Software

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