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acslX is a powerful and flexible modeling tool that provides a seamless modeling approach from discovery through clinical trials. acslX provides the ability to perform classical pharmacokinetic (PK) physiologically based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) modeling, giving you the right tool at each stage of the drug development process. With acslX, you can speed drugs to market.

acslX provides a flexible Pharmacokinetic modeling tool that predicts drug dispersion and residual drug levels for toxicity and therapeutic threshold analysis. acslX supports both classical and compartmental models so that there is no limit on model simplicity or complexity. Studies are fast and reliable because acslX provides an intuitive user interface along with robust model development, execution, and analysis capabilities. acslX enables users to continuously apply new information to established models and to easily create novel models for new drug products.

acslX's Optimum software enables researchers to take modeling and simulation to the next level. Optimum is fully integrated with acslX and provides powerful analytical capabilities including parameter estimation, model optimization, sensitivity analysis, and Monte Carlo analysis. Not only that, but intuitive wizards simplify input and completely eliminate the need for type-in commands.

acslX lets you conduct sophisticated PK/PBPK/PD analysis without having to be a model developer. Using models with intuitive point-and-click interfaces, acslX is ideal for production use, providing a cost effective solution for advanced PK/PBPK/PD model analysis. acslX provides full model execution and analysis capabilities by incorporating pre-built models available from AEgis, your internal development staff, or a third party. Combine acslX intuitive interfaces with its sophisticated development environment, and you get the most complete enterprise-wide solution available from discovery through clinical trials.

Our PK/PD Toolkit provides ready to use code (PowerBlocks) for easy drag and drop model assembly, and application-specific sample models tailored to your technical requirements.

acslX is used for the following Pharmaceutical and Risk Assessment applications:

  • Classical PK, PBPK, and PD Modeling
  • Exposure and Risk Assessment
  • Toxicity Studies
  • Drug Dispersion (ADMET)
  • Dosimetry/Dose Absorption
  • Drug Portfolio Management
  • Carcinogenesis 
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