Ensemble Electronic Lab Notebook

The Ensemble Electronic Lab Notebook™ (E2LN™) version 5.1 is now in release.

Capture experimental data, results and decision support needs for your organizations medicinal chemistry, biologists, and bio-analytical departments. Now the pioneers of one of the first and most recognized Electronic Laboratory Notebooks in deployment in the life science industry are back in the market with a fresh technological and organizational approach to the Electronic Notebook.

How to leverage enotebooks for your chemists, biologists and other scientists.
Value is delivered in many ways and lessons from the last decade of servicing and observing this technology has taught us a lot of lessons.
The ArtusLabs approach is to deliver a system that fits the specific needs of scientists including chemists, biologists, and analytical scientists -as well as any other employee in the organization. Our Software solution delivers the ability to use specific tools for reaction planning, structure searching, method analysis, image handling, metabolomics, proteomics, and collaboration along with a general approach to make any document, asset or record something that can be signed, witnessed and archived.

Secure Witnessing
  • Self Service Administration
  • Rock solid, and scalable
  • Browser based--no software to install

Deploying ELN's
ArtusLabs' Ensemble Electronic Laboratory Notebook is so easy to use any document can be signed and archived even if its as simple as a concept sketched out in a Word document or a set of results in an existing spreadsheet.
Deployment is a piece of cake. A system like this has typically been very difficult to install, but with ArtusLabs' Ensemble Electronic Notebook, you can stand up a system in a matter of hours not months. We deploy appliances behind your firewall, on your equipment, or we can even host data for those who need ultimate flexibility and elasticity.

Software Link: Ensemble Electronic Lab Notebook 

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