Spectrum Mill - Spectroscopy software

Faster, more accurate protein identification

Large-scale proteome characterization frequently leads to bottlenecks in data interpretation and review. Spectrum Mill for MassHunter Workstation quickly identifies proteins and peptides via fast database searches, with automatic or manual match validation and unique algorithms that minimize false positives. It also offers de novo spectral interpretation for proteins not found in any database. Spectrum Mill software can identify relative abundance differences of twofold or greater without complicated isotope labeling. And Spectrum Mill summarizes and correlates results in ways that provide maximum insight and convenience.

  • Version A.03.03 now released
  • Spectral extraction and quality assessment speeds protein identification
  • Database searching provides multiple options for protein identification add flexibility
  • Automatic and manual results validation
  • De novo spectral interpretation for proteins not found in any database
  • Quantitative and qualitative information
  • Result summaries and review to make complex data accessible
  • Compatible with multiple data formats from a variety of mass spectrometers 
Software Link: Spectrum Mill - Spectroscopy software

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