softWoRx® Suite 2.0 - Imaging and microscopy software

softWoRx® Suite 2.0 is an advanced visualization and analysis software which combines image viewing, processing and analysis tools with data management software in an easy-to-use format. It now includes support for 64-bit multi-threaded constrained iterative deconvolution.

Compatible with Windows 7.

Product Features:
Integrated image viewer and browser with real-time image preview, channel select, Z and time control, on-screen channel, z and time annotations, scaling tool with histogram, channel color tool, 4D measurement and animation tools, data inspection, ROI, image "send to", export and print functions as well as FTP and secure FTP support.
Deconvolution with image correction featuring the industry acclaimed constrained iterative 3D image restoration and image correction. This quantitatively validated deconvolution solution generates the most accurate measure of sample fluorescence available.
File browser with FTP, DMS
Custom batch mode operations

Optional tools (powered by Bitplane):
Image visualization and analysis with real-time display with slicer, multi-plane sectioning and multi-processing standard shadow projection, Image processing with baseline correction, noise removal, 3D image rotation, emission attenuation and cross-talk correction, 3D visualization with real-time 3D and high-resolution visualization, maximum intensity projection, arbitrary lighting and shadowing, animation editor, measurement tools with Free points, OrthoSlice points and IsoSurface Points, intensity measurements, intensity thresholding and manual object segmentation and image output and management using standard .tif format, QuickTime and AVI.
The "advanced option" for softWoRx Suite includes a complete colocalization analysis package and 4D particle tracking functionality, all seamlessly integrated into the visualization package. Colocalization is an essential element to easily isolate, visualize, and quantify regional overlap in 3D and 4D images with results presented in two ways, a new 3D or 4D channel as well as a statistical report. Particle tracking provides a wide range of 3D and 4D visualization capabilities, as well as image editing and processing functions. Save time on your research by automatically identifying and tracking large numbers of objects, documenting spatial and temporal changes and understanding motion and changes of shape, volume and intensity.

Software Link : softWoRx® Suite 2.0 - Imaging and microscopy software

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