Agilent Mass Profiler Professional - Mass Spectrometry software

Explore relationships in complex mass spectral data

Agilent Mass Profiler Professional software is the only chemometrics software package designed to exploit the high information content of mass spectrometry data. Researchers can easily import, analyze and visualize GC/MS, LC/MS, CE/MS and ICP-MS data from large sample sets and complex MS data sets.

Mass Profiler Professional integrates smoothly with Agilent MassHunter Workstation and ChemStation software, and is ideal for any MS-based application where you need to determine relationships among sample group and variables, including metabolomics, proteomics, food safety, environmental, forensics and toxicology.

For metabolomics and proteomics studies, the optional Pathway Architect helps you evaluate MS data in biological context.

  • Allows comparison of multiple samples and/or multiple MS analysis platforms in a single project
  • Designed for both scientists and statisticians, with guided and advanced workflows
  • Provides comprehensive statistical tools including ANOVA, PCA, t-tests, volcano plots, hierarchical trees, SOMs, QT clustering, and SVMs for class prediction
  • Generates inclusion list for subsequent MS/MS-based analyses to facilitate protein and metabolite identification
  • Integrated ID Browser mirrors MassHunter Qualitative Software to allow identification using LC/MS Personal Compound Databases (METLIN, pesticides, forensics) and GC/MS libraries (NIST and Agilent Fiehn Metabolomics)
  • R Scripting compatibility within Mass Profiler Professional allows you to further extend and customize statistical analysis and visualization capabilities 
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