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Metabase is a laboratory data management software system designed specifically to meet the needs of laboratories conducting ADME metabolism, pharmacokinetics, and toxicokinetics studies. Starting with the generation of a sample list for an entire study, Metabase serves as the basic tool to acquire, organize, manage, calculate, store, and report study results. Key features of the program are its clear organization (which follow standard laboratory workflow procedures), its flexible and powerful data handling, its ease of use, and its integration with other productivity software. The flow sheet on the right illustrates the overall process of using Metabase as your primary data handling and management system.

Metabase is a practical, low cost, user-friendly, laboratory-oriented tool. The program is based on Microsoft Excel® and can be easily custom tailored to fit each client's work place or modified to meet changing needs and requirements. And to make sure that it does the job the right way, it was designed and operated in radio-analytical metabolism research laboratories.

Metabase comes as a turn-key system for radio-analytical sample processing and liquid scintillation counting data, but it can be custom modified for other analytical methods. Metabase is designed to meet GLP guidelines and comply with FDA, EPA, EEC software development and validation requirements. The system is provided with complete system life-cycle documentation. Test files are supplied for use in validation. Metabase is a cost-effective solution for comprehensive management of metabolism information in a well organized, flexible, and user-oriented manner.


Specifically designed for sample handling of ADME metabolism and pharmacokinetic studies.
Excel-based software providing wide flexibility in a familiar spreadsheet environment.
An exceptionally affordable LIMS system for radioanalytical lab.
Helps you define, collect, manage, calculate, and report entire study protocols.


Excel-based for Reliable Performance

Metabase is based on Microsoft Excel® and can run in any version of Excel in versions of Microsoft Windows. Excel provides a familiar working environment for using Metabase. Additionally, Metabase can take full advantage of all the functions, features and power of Excel.


The need for flexibility is an overriding requirement for any metabolism data handling system. No two studies are exactly alike. Therefore, every function of Metabase is designed with flexibility in mind. Added to this, the "open architecture" afforded by Excel spreadsheet operations allows user control over such features as formatting and appearance, significant figures, and exporting of results. Input functions and calculations can be modified or added, as needed.

Lab Smart

Metabase is a "lab smart" tool. It was developed by researchers with extensive experience in metabolism studies and is designed to provide assistance through all phases of a typical metabolism study.

Protocol and Study Designs

Metabase can handle any type of study design, whether the study involves serial sampling of individual animals, time-based composites from groups of animals, multiple dose levels, or even variable specific activities. Metabase helps the user set up a clear one-page overview of the study design and sampling strategy and uses this to develop a master sample information database.

Variable Dose Methods

Metabase supports dose computations based on individual dose measurements or nominal dose amounts per group. Additionally, different specific activities can be used for each dose group, such as employed in EPA's guidelines for dermal absorption studies.

Automated Data Entry

No hand entries of data. Metabase automatically reads data files obtained from a liquid scintillation counter or it can be directly connected for on-line data transfer. Similarly, Metabase automatically prepares a Sample Processing spreadsheet that can be linked to auto-balances for direct transfer of weight measurements.

Sample Processing

Metabase incorporates unique features to help you manage both your samples and your data from collection to counting. Special algorithms summarize laboratory processes and provide a consistent method for gathering and processing quantitative measurements, regardless of the number and complexity of sample processing procedures. Automated balances and robot-controlled processing stations can serve as data inputs. Volumetric measurements can be gathered electronically or entered directly into electronic forms.

Adaptable and Expandable

The primary design is to provide acquisition of LSC and auto-balance or robot-processing data. However, Metabase can be extended or modified to acquire quantitative results from other analytical instruments. In fact, due to its modular nature, the program can be customized to provide data management support for other disciplines besides metabolism.

High Throughput

There are practically no limits to the number of study animals, sample types, or time points that can be assembled in a single study. A single data file can handle approximately 16,000 records, and multiple files can be used in a study

Radioactivity Calculations

A built-in calculation module provides initial dose calculations such as the amount of total dose and radioactivity required, the limit of detection and analytical sensitivity for a given specific activity, and other useful values.


Metabase results can be passed directly to PK Solutions, Summit's powerful pharmacokinetics data analysis program. This program generates all commonly reported PK parameters from blood levels obtained after single, multiple, and infusion dose regimens.

Report Generation

Automatically prepares data tables with appendix and report quality formats, including color, if desired. User-selectable output choices and data arrangement. Metabase data outputs can be custom tailored for specific analysis routines or for advanced document preparation.

Custom Design

Metabase is designed to fulfill core functions associated with metabolism sample management and data acquisition, analysis and reporting functions. Typical installation in the client laboratory involves custom modifications to insure that the program fits with individual client procedures, needs, and requirements.

QA and GLP Compliant

Metabase is designed to comply with GLP guidelines and to facilitate QA data reviews. In addition to built-in data protection and automatic audit trails, the laboratory may choose among several alternatives for managing authorized entry and use.

SDLC Documentation

Metabase comes with a complete system development life cycle documentation package to make validation a breeze. The minimum validation documentation set includes Requirements Analysis, System Design Specifications, Version History, Source Code, User Manual, Test Procedures, and Test Files. All documentation is also supplied both in hard copy and as a formatted Word file for on-line viewing in color.


Metabase is a colorful, fast and fun application to use. It was designed to give you maximum control over your data in a logical and straight forward manner.


Metabase files can easily be transported on diskettes or other portable medium (or via e-mail) to be worked on anywhere.


The cost of equipping a laboratory with a custom installed Metabase system is a fraction of the cost of competing systems. The reason is because we take advantage of the power and breadth of Excel to both maximize your options and minimize your costs.

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