PharmaExpert - Pharmacology Software

PharmaExpert analyzes the relationships between biological activities, the interactions of drugs and the multiple targeting actions of chemical compounds. As a pharmacological knowledge-based tool, it provides in silico screening of compounds using PASS prediction results.

Key features of PharmaExpert:
• Mechanism-effect relationship (MER) base, manually curated by experts, contains 11,049 mechanism-effect relationships
• Selection of compounds with required therapeutic but without side effects
• Comparative analysis of compounds with similar structures
• Selection of compounds with multiple mechanisms of action
• Analysis of drug-drug interactions with regard to their pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and adverse effects

PharmaExpert is an addition to the PASS (Prediction of Activity Spectra for Substances) tool. It provides a comfortable solution for data mining of the PASS prediction results to find the best drug-like candidates from a set of compounds. The core of the program is a mechanism-effect relationship (MER) base, manually curated by experts, which is used to determine cause-effect relationships for the compounds. Like PASS, the software runs under Windows.

PharmaExpert has been developed by Vladimir Poroikov, Dmitry Filimonov & Associates currently working in the Department for Bioinformatics at the Institute of Biomedical Chemistry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in Moscow.

A free demo version, as well as further information, is available upon request.

Software Link: PharmaExpert - Pharmacology Software

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