CLC Bioinformatics Database

CLC Bioinformatics Database is a smart and efficient way of managing sequence data in a 3-tier client/server architecture: a server containing one or more databases coupled with CLC workbenches as clients.

Components of the solution
• A database management system of choice; Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, or MySQL.
• CLC Workbenches (clients) for interacting with the database.
• Thin client for administration and setup. -Upload and download of data.
• CLC Database Middleware to ensure scalability and performance.

Centralized sequence data management
In many bioinformatics organizations, the data is a virtual mess, since data is spread out on several computers in various formats and versions. Even employees' personal computers contain essential company data. The main advantages of the CLC Bioinformatics Database is centralization of data, storage, and management. Centralized data in combination with restricted user access makes it possible to be in control of the data and to share information in different groups across the organization. Centralized management of sequence data has been proven vital to increase the general knowledge level in an organization and increase productivity

Software Link:  CLC Bioinformatics Database

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