Geneious Server - Sequence analysis software

Geneious Server™ is an enterprise software package designed to put powerful software and hardware tools in the hands of everyday biologists to accelerate discovery.
Geneious Server is a powerful server software package designed specifically for highly intensive computing.

From their desktop, Geneious Pro users can simply offload heavy data crunching to Geneious Server for faster analysis of large volumes of sequence data. The server's power and research data can be shared securely amongst teams of researchers. The result is dramatically faster analysis leading to more discoveries.

  • The Benefits of Geneious Server:
  • Speed up research
  • Use open peer-reviewed algorithms
  • Free up your desktop computer
  • Share computing power within your team
  • Harness all your computing resources
  • Take advantage of acceleration technologies
  • Securely access and share data
Software Link: Geneious Server - Sequence analysis software

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