DataXpress 2 - Electrophysiology Software

DataXpress 2 Data Management and Analysis Software for Electrophysiology

A data management and analysis system for electrophysiology data which helps manage and organize, as well as efficiently analyze your data. Macros enable the streamlining of workflows and lead to more consistency by automating the analysis process and eliminating operator bias.

DataXpress® 2 Software is a data management and analysis system for electrophysiology data acquired with the PatchXpress® 7000A Automated Parallel Patch Clamp System. By incorporating a SQL Server database with over 100 attributes, users can quickly query and sort information about their assays. The system's trial editing, analysis, and graphing capabilities provide users with a comprehensive set of tools to analyze and interpret their data. DataXpress Software seamlessly integrates with the PatchXpress 7000A System. The powerful graphical macro editor for automated data analysis significantly reduces the time required to analyze electrophysiology data.


Database Backend to Manage Electrophysiology Data
The SQL Server database, using a variant of MDCStore™ Solution, serves as a hub from which data from multiple acquisition systems can flow while multiple users are analyzing their data.
With over 100 attributes that can be queried, users can rapidly search and sort the database for information about their assays.
User permission levels and data sharing capability ensure that users can access only data and results that they have permission to view and analyze.

Comprehensive Electrophysiology Analysis Tools
Integrated trial editing functions such as Adjust Baseline, Trial Arithmetic, Average Traces, Filter, Time Shift, and more for advanced signal conditioning.
Data analysis functions for raw data processing with up to 18 different measurement types (e.g., peak amplitude, time of peak, mean current, and 15 other types) from up to eight different search regions within trials enable analysis of any parameter imaginable.
DataXpress 2 Software provides an extensive selection of 16 different types of higher-level analysis, such as current/voltage plots, curve fitting, tools for IC50 and EC50 analysis, and effective-concentration percentage to streamline complex analysis scenarios.
Results are displayed in a spreadsheet format for easy management and can be exported in Microsoft Excel format or as comma separated value (CSV) files for further analysis.
To facilitate interpretation, data can be visualized and graphically presented as histogram plots, scatter plots, or line graphs.
Graphs and numerical results can be copied to the clipboard to include them in a presentation, in your lab notebook, or in other documentation.

Automated Data Analysis Using Graphical Macro Editor
Trial Editing and Analysis commands are recordable using the graphical macro editor of DataXpress 2 Software to simplify creation of automated data analysis routines.
Macros recorded as a sequence of dialog-configured commands are straightforward to create and easily modified.
Tree format display for easy overview of analysis details.
Multi-step Undo and Redo functionality enables testing different scenarios before saving a macro.
Nested macros allow the creation of complex super-macros from a library of commonly used sub-macros.
Saved macros can be replayed and applied to new datasets to efficiently automate your data analysis.
Macros can be stored and managed on a per-user basis and shared with other users.
Comprehensive sample macros help with creating your own, customized analysis procedures.

Seamless integration with the PatchXpress 7000A System
DataXpress Importer automatically imports PatchXpress 7000A data files and stores the corresponding attributes in the SQL Server database without user intervention.
By storing all the information about your assay, DataXpress 2 Software can transparently recreate the entire sequence of events that occurred during an experiment.

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