MolSuite - Molecular Modeling Software

Superior Molecular Modeling Capabilities in a Single, Affordable Application

MolSuite gives you molecular modeling with great graphics, physical property calculations, statistical analysis, and database development and management all in one complete package.

Model building is easy in ChemSite Pro which provides fast minimization and displaying of any molecule, even crystals, in a 3D environment. Structures are easily copied and pasted to other MolSuite programs. Paste your molecule into Molecular Modeling Pro Plus and run semi-empirical quantum mechanics and calculate up to 70 properties. Molecular Modeling Pro Plus enables you to use statistical regression techniques used in the plotting of chemical data.

Use MolSuite to develop and maintain your own molecular modeling database or use MolSuite DB, which contains over 24,000 organic molecules with chemical properties.

MolSuite is a desktop chemist's affordable integrated suite.

Software Link: MolSuite - Molecular modeling Software 

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