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EthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyses the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal - without the use of sensors! It is a platform you can use for anything from straight-forward tracking to sophisticated protocols that control external devices.
Video tracking with EthoVision XT
Premier video tracking - and much more
EthoVision® XT is the premier video tracking system for the automatic tracking and analysis of animal movement, activity, and behavior. But it is much more than just video tracking software - EthoVision XT is a platform you can use to fully automate your research, increasing productivity and efficiency, while reducing human error.

Any kind of animal
You can use EthoVision XT for several behavioral experiments, on any kind of animal (rodents, farm animals, fish), in any kind of enclosure. No matter what research field you are in: whether you want to test learning and memory in rats or mice, measure the activity of zebrafish larvae, or conduct welfare studies with farm animals, EthoVision XT video tracking will help you out. It guides you through the experiment, from setting up, to data acquisition and analysis.

Features you can use
With EthoVision XT Base you can conduct complete experiments with one animal, in one arena. For a basic video tracking set-up, all you need is the software, a firewire camera, and a computer. With additional Modules other scientific research question can also be answered. For example, study social interaction. Or you might want to create a high-throughput system and track rodents in multiple cages simultaneously. You could also be interested in automating a complete experimental set-up with sensors, lights, automatic doors, and sound stimuli. All this and more is possible with EthoVision XT. Simply pick and choose from the six different Modules and a variety of hardware components to create the solution best suited for your research.

From straight-forward video tracking to full automation of sophisticated protocols
Functionality is not limited to video tracking of the animal's path and calculating statistics, such as distance travelled and velocity. It can track the nose point and tail base of rats and mice, enabling the assessment of behaviors such as body elongation, the interest in certain objects, or nose-nose contact in social interaction studies. The real-time analysis of animal behavior even allows you to create sophisticated protocols for the control of external equipment. In other words, you can control interactions between your animals and external sensor and stimuli devices, such as lights or doors. All together, EthoVision XT allows you to perform a wide variety of experiments.

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