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Imagine children on a playground or customers in a busy supermarket. They are constantly on the move and you have to follow them to keep them in sight. In these situations you can rely on Pocket Observer to code behavior.

Handheld observation system
Imagine children on a playground or customers in a busy supermarket. They are constantly on the move and you have to follow them to keep them in sight. In these situations you can rely on Pocket Observer to code behavior.
Maximum freedom in moving.
Follow your test participant around.
Observe unobtrusively.
Can be based on PDA, Smart Phone, or rugged handheld computer.

Coding while walking around
If you need to be mobile during observations, but also require accurate coding and analysis, Pocket Observer offers the best solution for your research by combining the power of The Observer® XT with the portability of a rugged handheld, Smart Phone, or PDA! These small and lightweight mobile devices are the ideal event recorders for real life situations.
Pocket Observer is an add-on module to The Observer XT and runs on handheld computers equipped with a VGA screen of 640 x 480 and Windows Mobile 6.x. Pocket Observer allows you to code behavior while literally looking over the shoulder of free ranging test participants, in just about any location.

The handheld device for your research
Handheld devices are the ideal event recorders. A wide variety of handheld computers are available on the market today, ranging from simple PDAs to rugged models for outdoor and industrial environments. Some have a keyboard, allowing you to keep your eyes on the scene while observing, while others are designed for easy coding with a touch screen. Whatever your requirements, we have the knowledge and experience to help you find the right device for your research.

Many advantages
Handheld computers have many advantages. They enable you to visit any location and code behavior on-the-go. You can observe behavior live, on-site, and still keep a high level of accuracy. Heat, frost, mud, dust, or water poses no problem, since a handheld computer is available for any environment. But above all, handheld computers can be very cost-effective, especially if you include a PDA in our handheld observation system.
All you need is our The Observer XT base module to set up your coding scheme and analyze your data afterwards. Install Pocket Observer on one or more PDAs and set up as many Pocket Observer units as you like in combination with one license of The Observer XT.
Benefit from all the features that The Observer XT has to offer, such as support for time and continuous sampling. The Observer XT also features a wide range of analysis functions including detailed statistics, reliability analysis and lag sequential analysis.

How to start
To work with Pocket Observer, first set up your project in The Observer XT on your computer. Here you can easily define your coding scheme and independent variables.
Download it onto Pocket Observer, running on your handheld device, and you are ready to start collecting your data. The looks of the display of the handheld can be modified to suit your application: you can change the font size of the buttons, which makes coding easier and helps prevent errors.
Pocket Observer allows you to add behaviors and modifiers on the handheld during actual observations. When you discover a new behavior during a live observation, just add this to your coding scheme. You don't have to go back to your PC to make changes.
After observing, you simply upload the observation data to your computer for analysis.
Integrate with other data
You can integrate your handheld observation data with recorded video or physiological data. Our modular approach makes it easy to add media files to observations from Pocket Observer. The same goes for physiological data. For example, if your test participant wears a heart rate monitor, you can integrate the acquired data with that of Pocket Observer. During an observation you can mark interesting events. For example, if you test participant starts sweating, you can add a mark in the comment field.

Extensive analysis
Get the most out of your observation data with Theme™: detect patterns in your data that you would not have thought existed.
Full support
All our solutions come with installation, training, and support. We install and test all hardware and software components and make sure you know how to operate your system. We train you how to use our software tools and give advice on different observation methods. If you experience any challenges, our support department is there to help you out. In short, we help you get the best out of your behavioral research!

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