Kodon - Sequence analysis software

In an era of total genome research and growing bioinformatics needs, Kodon embodies a new generation of desktop based sequence analysis software.

Running on industry leading database engines such as Oracle® and Microsoft® SQL ServerTM, Kodon is capable of handling extremely large databases, and can analyze full chromosomes or genomes with unparalleled power and speed. Every feature is designed for use in genome sequencing projects of any size.

Fully integrated environment for sequence analysis, including megabase assembly, vector cloning, ligation, primer design, alignment, homology search, match and repeat analysis, structure analysis, and much more
GenBank and EMBL are Kodon 's native formats. No conversion, no loss of features and qualifiers from documented sequences.
Storage and full analysis capability on local computers. No need to upload data over the Internet, avoiding network traffic, enhancing data security.
Automatic updates of databases from public servers; integrated BLAST, sequence download, Medline search etc.
Powerful chromosome comparison and gene annotation tools

Software Link: Kodon - Sequence analysis software

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