PatternHunter - Genomics software

PatternHunter is a fast and sensitive general-purpose homology search tool, supporting DNA-DNA, Protein-Protein, translated DNA-protein, and translated DNA-DNA searches. Utilized by hundreds of genomics centers around the world, PatternHunter provides a fundamental workbench for researcher of all levels.

PatternHunter is Fast.

Working with the Mouse Genome Sequence Consortium, PatternHunter finished comparing the mouse genome with the human genome in 20 CPU-days while BLAST required at least 20 CPU-years to do the same with the same sensitivity.1

PatternHunter is Sensitive.

BLAST was invented to sacrifice sensitivity for speed. PatternHunter improves speed and sensitivity simultaneously using a multiple optimal spaced seed methodology. PatternHunter can even approach to the Smith-Waterman exhaustive dynamic programming sensitivity at a speed 3000 times faster than Smith-Waterman.2

In short, results obtained using PatternHunter will be available more rapidly and with high confidence, assets for any scientific study.

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