ZOOM - Next generation sequencing software

Next generation sequencing researchers require accurate results, fast. ZOOM exceeds these needs. Using ZOOM, zillions of short reads are mapped back to reference genomes, including post-analysis at unparalleled in speed, at full sensitivity. For unconvinced until truly relevant results are presented, ZOOM offers a free 30-day licenses to process private and public data from Illumina/SOLiD instruments.

As the quantity of data produced by next generation sequencers compounds, software must meet the challenging task on limited resources.

SPEED: A single CPU with only 6.5G of memory is capable of mapping 15x coverage of a human genome in one day using ZOOM at full sensitivity while tolerating two mismatches.

ACCURACY: Using a unique spaced seed strategy, specially extended for short read mapping problems, guarantees 100% sensitivity for a wide range of read length and mismatches. Benchmark testing displays proven accuracy with the presence of insertions and deletions.

SCALABILITY. Whether running ZOOM on a single computer or a server, users can configure ZOOM meets either requirement. This offers an ideal solution to extremely large files as they can even be divided and scheduled to process across multiple computers and multiple CPUs automatically.

ELIMINATE FALSE POSITIVES. ZOOM increases uniquely mapped reads with quality scores and paired end statistics. This reduces the ambiguity of read mapping and increase the accurate identification.

Software Link : ZOOM - Next generation sequencing software

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