MatMan - Behavioral Science software

MatMan is a software package for the analysis of sociometric matrices that runs as a plug-in for Microsoft Excel. It performs various statistical tests and includes numerous useful data processing options.

How MatMan works
Matrix analysis requires special calculations that standard statistical packages do not offer. MatMan, especially developed to analyze sociometric matrices by scholars at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands, performs various statistical tests and includes numerous useful data processing options.
A major function of MatMan is to calculate and test linear hierarchies. It gives various indices for dominance matrix linearity. Such matrices can be produced with The Observer XT, based on observed conflicts or other interactions, or recorded with pen and paper.

MatMan can also be used to investigate the relationship between different types of interactions by calculating the correlation between matrices. For instance, do grooming relationships correlate negatively with food conflicts? It also enables you to compare lag sequential analysis results obtained with The Observer XT. The probability of the figures per cell in the matrix as a whole can be calculated too, both for lag sequential analysis results and interaction matrices. Significant figures can indicate that behaviors or individuals are somehow connected and that their transitions or interactions are not a coincident.

The core functions of MatMan are augmented by specialized data processing options. This allows you to calculate summary matrices of various types of behaviors, run unidirectional tests, eliminate outliers, transform interaction matrices into dominance matrices, and more. The software was implemented as a plug-in for Microsoft Excel which means that all Excel functionality is available in MatMan.

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