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The Media Recorder is a software tool that enables synchronous video recordings from up to four different sources. Compatible with both The Observer® XT and FaceReader™, and a broad range of cameras, it is the ideal recording tool.
Media Recorder enables you to combine different videos in one study. It is at the core of your lab and offers you precision and flexibility in video recording and synchronization. Media Recorder can also be used as a stand-alone option. For example, use it in your lab to record your videos. In your office you can use FaceReader or The Observer XT to analyze these videos. Media Recorder is interesting for anybody who works with video. If you are thinking of using The Observer XT or FaceReader with video and/or other sources, Media Recorder will add great value to the ease-of-use of your complete solution.

Recording of multiple video files
Using the Media Recorder in your lab enables you to easily combine different videos in one study. It is compatible with a wide range of cameras based on today's technologies, as well as with many analog systems. The Media Recorder can record from multiple FireWire cameras, a screen capture device, USB cameras (web cameras), analog cameras, IP cameras, camcorders, etc. You can record up to four video files simultaneously, record at full resolution and even full HD recording by a screen capture device is possible. You can even record video of up to 100 frames per second. Files can be stored separately or combined into one video file. For example, save four separate video files to study children from four different views for detailed behavioral observations with The Observer XT. The Media Recorder will store the files safely in a user specified location and everything that was recorded together can easily be retrieved at any moment.

Record rapidly occurring behaviors
Particularly when you are studying rapidly occurring behaviors, it is ideal to record videos and score them afterwards with The Observer XT; the playback functionality of The Observer XT allows you to play back the videos at a low speed, and score behaviors in great detail.

Record all videos in sync
Synchronization is vital in multimodal research. Without it, studying time relationships can be difficult. When you use the Media Recorder, you don't have to worry about the data synchronization, because the Media Recorder can record up to four files in sync. For example, study parent-child interaction in an observation lab and use the Media Recorder to combine the videos of the child and the mother:
One ceiling camera is following the mother.
Another ceiling camera is following the child.
The third camera is giving you an overview of the room.
The fourth stream which is recorded by the Media Recorder is a screen capture from the monitor the child is occasionally looking at.
Start recording manually or choose to command the Media Recorder from another software package, such as The Observer XT. You can stop the recording by hand or from another software package.

Fully integrated
The key to synchronization is integration. When you use the Media Recorder, you don't have to worry about the synchronization, because the Media Recorder can record up to four files in sync. Additionally, you can command the Media Recorder from another software program to start and stop recording. By controlling the Media Recorder from for example The Observer XT, you can manage all your data with one application. You can also start facial expression analysis with FaceReader from The Observer XT. By using The Observer XT as the main project manager, you stay in control of your collected data.

Complete solution
You can put your own hardware together or let Noldus assist you with designing the entire set-up as there are always numerous technological issues to consider.

Media Recorder as a stand-alone option
You can use the Media Recorder as a stand-alone, running the Media Recorder on your computer on location (on-site or in an experimental setting) to record, combine, and file your video recordings. Then use the video files later in on your office computer running The Observer XT or FaceReader. This is an easy and efficient way to increase productivity.

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