Progeny Clinical - Clinical data management software

Progeny Clinical is the ideal pedigree and clinical data management software solution for family-based studies. Since 1996, we've been providing research institutions and clinical genetic services worldwide the ability to draw pedigrees and track patient history data. You can configure the database to include unlimited fields, design data entry screens, enable security features to restrict access for specific users, run queries over the data, and more. All of this functionality integrates with Progeny Lab or Progeny LIMS so all users work off of the same database if you desire.

Top Features

Draw and Manage Complex Pedigrees
Create and manage unlimited pedigrees and associated data. Pedigree drawing is fast, easy, intuitive, and extremely flexible.

Manage Single Individuals
Manage and track data on individuals not associated with a pedigree and easily attach them to a pedigree when ready.

Design Custom Data Entry Forms
Create unlimited fields, design your own data entry screens, and generate custom reports and queries to match your research needs.

Robust Security and Compliancy
HIPAA compliant. User and class based security restricts access to folders, fields, pedigrees, individuals, or the database itself.

Web Configuration Option
Expand your Clinical system to the web and connect from anywhere, anytime using any web browser.

Integration with LIMS and Lab
Integrate Clinical with sample tracking and/or genotypes - combining all genotypic and phenotypic data within a single application.

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