SequiLab - Sequence profiling portal

Sequilab is a sequence profiling portal that instantly connects the sequence data of a researcher to a host of sequence analysis tools from around the globe. It also has web2.0 feature built into it for researchers to collaborate and interact with each other.
Sequilab is a sequence-profiling portal with web 2.0 interactivity features built into it. It allows the user to directly link NCBI-BLAST results instantly to an inventory of sequence analysis tools like translate, ORF, CpG islands, View structure (Cn3D), mfold (for RNA) without cutting and pasting. As a result, researchers can quickly get back to their bench without having to labor countless hours on Internet jumping across different sites.

In addition to the seamless integration of BLAST results with sequence analysis tools, Sequilab also allows users to

• Save the results of their research for later use
• Create custom toolbars of particular tools that are used most frequently.
• Instantly access latest feeds and content from top journals, job boards, seminars etc
• Create and manage their own Research Profile that highlights their experience in their field of work.
• Interact with other peers and professionals in the community forums.

By uniting sequence analysis research with social networking capabilities, Sequilab puts at the researcher's fingertips a powerful and expansive research productivity-enhancement tool that can save vast amounts of research time, reduce the potential for error, and unite pools of talent across the globe.

Software Link: SequiLab - Sequence analysis Software

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