GemStone - Flow Cytometry software

GemStone is a revolutionary new paradigm for analysis of high-dimensional, flow cytometry data. Based on patented Probability State Modeling* technology, GemStone eliminates the problems that have faced flow cytometry analysis for decades, providing a solution that is science-based, data-driven, scalable, and reproducible.

How Does It Work?

An additional parameter based on states and probabilities is defined using our patented Probability State Modeling (PSM) technology. Referred to as State Index, this new parameter is used to parametrically correlate all the other parameters in the system.

Why Is It Better?

Subjective gating and associated errors are eliminated. Population overlaps in multidimensional data are accounted for. Data defined by numerous correlated parameters are presented in simple-to-understand graphics. Multiple samples may be combined into one coherent analysis.

What Assays Can I Use It For?

GemStone is a very versatile application. It is exceptional for analyzing cell progressions, like B cell analysis and T cell activation, and understanding the diseases associated with them. But that's not all it can do with your flow data. GemStone has been used for fetomaternal hemorrhage (FMH), paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH), and CD34 stem cell enumeration assays. In these assays, GemStone's ability to identify subsets automatically without the use of gating has proven highly accurate and reproducible.

What Cool Features Does It Have?

State vector arrows and animations let you understand your data like never before. Data zooming, a powerful macro language, a batch system with a built-in database, and common parameter mapping are just a few of the many new innovative features.

GemStone's Heatmap ™ graphics allow you to explore rare events and abnormalities that you have never seen before. The Heatmap tool identifies the low-frequency populations in a sample, and highlights the characteristics in all measurement parameters.

TriCom ™ is another innovative tool for understanding abnormal cell populations. With TriCom, you can identify and quantify each phenotype and the degree of abnormality. Focus your attention on the cells you are really interested in - the abnormal cells - with TriCom.

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