Mathematica biological sciences solution - Molecular Modeling Software

The Mathematica biological sciences solution offers a complete workflow-from data import to high powered analysis through automatic report generation and interactive deployment-all in one system, with no need for programming.

Curated genome and protein data are built into Mathematica alongside highly automated computation for ease and accuracy of calculations.

Mathematica includes thousands of built-in functions for computation, modeling, visualization, development, and deployment »

Biological sciences specific capabilities:
Free-form linguistic input produces immediate results without the need for syntax »
Built-in genomic, proteomic, and chemical data, ready for use without preprocessing »
Ready-to-use built-in functions for all standard statistical and data analysis techniques-such as principal component analysis, nonlinear regression, analysis of variance, and more-for applications in ecology, molecular biology, and other areas »
Drag and drop images into your notebook and apply image processing techniques to study macromolecular structures, bone cross-section features, computer-aided cell analysis, and much more »
Build interactive applications with a single command to prototype models, such as a network design for controlling virus spread, and study the effects of changing parameters »
Instantly generate reports and interactive applications, and share them with other biologists or colleagues using Wolfram CDF Player »
Easily create standardized or highly customized publication-quality graphics using built-in functions »
Highly automated differential equation solvers analyze your equations and select the right algorithms to get you accurate answers quickly for applications in ecology, molecular dynamics, and more »
Import and export data in many biomolecular formats, including Affymetrix, PDB, MMCIF, GenBank, and FASTA »
Extensive and easy-to-use linking and connectivity capabilities to databases and Java, C, and .NET codes »
Complete integrated platform for modeling biological systems, analyzing data, interactively visualizing results, and generating automatic lab reports

Built-in biological sciences data immediately suitable for computation
Genome Data »
Integrated curated data on the entire DNA sequence of the human genome
Protein Data »
Built-in data on all reference human proteins
Chemical Data »
Detailed physical, chemical, and molecular properties of more than 34,000 compounds

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