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Phoenix® Connect™ - Linking PKS™ and Third-Party Modeling and Simulation Tools with Phoenix
Phoenix Connect increases the value of common PK/PD modeling tools by removing barriers between them. Phoenix Connect allows users to save all the work done with different tools under a single Phoenix project file that can be shared, rerun, changed, and even saved as part of a workflow template that can be reused later with other datasets. With Phoenix Connect, you get all of the features of the Phoenix platform in a stand-alone application.

Phoenix Connect is a new application containing the functionality previously part of WinNonlin® Enterprise Edition and the PKS™ Client. The Enterprise edition of WinNonlin contained connectivity to various external applications and the PKS Client provided WinNonlin the ability to access PKS. Now those two sets of functionality and much more are contained in Phoenix Connect as single standalone application that can operate independently of, or in concert with, Phoenix WinNonlin.

Phoenix Connect's flexibility creates new options for you that before were too time-consuming or expensive to justify the cost. It opens up new possibilities and will enhance your productivity, freeing up time previously spent manipulating tools connecting disparate data to focus on impactful analyses and science.

Phoenix Connect can help you bridge the gaps that lie between the silos and systems that you depend on by creating connections between many common drug development software systems and protocols, such as:

Pharsight® Knowledgebase Server™ (PKS™)
Phoenix® WinNonlin®
SAS® 8 & 9
R® 2.9.1
NONMEM® 5 & 6
SigmaPlot® 9.0.1, 10, 11.1
ODBC data sources
Microsoft® Word™ & Excel® 2000, XP, 2003, 2007

Phoenix Connect does more than just make connections between other software systems. It puts a host of useful productivity tools at the PK/PD scientists' fingertips

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