NAP - Software for Continuous Flow and Flame AA Analyzers

Software for Continuous Flow and Flame AA Analyzers

NAP is a Windows®-based software and hardware package that collects and analyzes data from Continuous Flow Analyzers (including Technicon AAII, Alpkem RFA and Flame AA Analyzers) or any analog output capable instrument in +/- 0 to 5 volt range. Up to 6 instruments can be interfaced to one PC.
Complete data analysis including peak identification, run corrections and calculation of concentration values

Automatic QC and sample trend analysis plots
Direct interface to a LIMS or database
Optional software Control for pumps and sequential samplers
Available for Windows 2000®, Windows XP® Professional, Vista® Business

Data Collection and Calculations

Output from your instrument's detector is collected directly into NAP. A set of user-defined variables control peak analysis, allowing NAP to analyze a variety of peaks from different chemistries or instruments. Incoming data is displayed as it enters the system, peaks are identified, peak markers are displayed and concentration values are calculated automatically - all in real time! A time stamp is applied to each peak as it is identified, allowing you to report the exact date and time of analysis for each sample.

If samples are run on a regular basis, then default Sample Tables can be saved and loaded at run time. The NAP expansion function can automatically add repetitive samples and insert standards, QCs, etc., further reducing the time needed to set up a run.

Results are automatically corrected for Baseline Drift, Sensitivity Drift, Carryover, Dilution factors and Weight factors, using any number of correction samples. Spike recoveries are also calculated.

Standard calibration curves are created using a variety of linear and non-linear algorithms, including first, second and third order regressions and an optional function to force the curve through the origin. A single run can use multiple sets of standards. The system will be recalibrated as each new set of standards is run.

A Subtraction Channel automatically reports results for one channel subtracted from another. This can be used to report background corrected" values for specific analyses.

Run Automation

The new "Pause at End of Run" feature allows you to review a run

Software Link:  NAP - Software for Continuous Flow and Flame AA Analyzers

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