Reference Management Software - ProCite

Search the Internet for References
Collect references from online and Web databases
Search PubMed and Internet libraries worldwide from ProCite. Export references directly from ISI Web of Science, Current Contents and Discovery Agent. Build your personal reference collection from hundreds of diskette, CD-ROM, Online and Web databases-reduce data entry.

Manage Your References
Organize your personal reference collection easily.
Organize your data using standard Windows navigational tools in ProCite. Link to the World Wide Web and capture Web pages into your ProCite database. Locate references in seconds with powerful searching options, such as contains, empty/not empty and more. Save search expressions and re-use them later. Create reference groups to identify a specific subset of a database. Use seven pre-defined sorting options or create your own. Edit records individually or globally. Customize your reference list display-even preview a formatted reference.

Create Instant Bibliographies
Save time with New Cite While You Write™ features
ProCite offers the most flexible and powerful way to cite references within your word processor. Format bibliographies for hundreds of journal styles, or create your own. Revise your manuscript as many times as needed-all within your word processor. Use subject lists to present data organized by author, keyword, or any other field.

Share References on a Network
Organize collections for a group of users
ProCite is also available as a network program. The network program is licensed based on either the number of workstations or on concurrent accesses to the program.

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