BioLego - Modeling and simulation Software

BioLego is an interactive modeling and simulation platform built on Strand's award winning AVADIS® technology.

With BioLego you can:
  1. Build Your Own Models
  2. Access, modify and customize dynamic systems models built at Strand
  3. Generate and/or Test Hypothesis in silico
  4. Visualize, Store, Retrieve and Compare Results

BioLego features include:

Transparent and comprehensive knowledge-base
In BioLego you can annotate each model in detail and view all model components such as differential equations, kinetic expressions, parameters, alongwith their values and units, thus ensuring complete transparency. BioLego handles a large number of literature references with direct links to PubMed thus contributing to the building of an exhaustive and model specific knowledge-base.

Handling Complexity
In BioLego, you can visualize a complex mathematical model as an intuitive, information-rich and interactive network of biological interactions. Complicated and interconnected networks can be visually simplified to enhance biological understanding while retaining all the complexity of the interconnectedness.

Reliable solvers
BioLego is powered by a set of robust solvers that ensure reliable results for each simulation. A variety of stiff solvers are available to handle large variations in time-scales typical of complex biological systems.

Large scale data handling and sharing
BioLego supports user management of large numbers of experiments with the ability to quickly store retrieve, visualize and compare results. BioLego facilitates easily sharing of projects and data with other users both in Desktop and Enterprise versions.

Software Link: BioLego - Modeling and simulation Software 

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