TreeMe - Phylogenetic Trees Analysis Software

TreeMe  - Visualization, Editing and Annotation of Phylogenetic Trees


  • Visualisation of large phylogenetic trees (>1000 OTUs)
  • Combine trees: unites bootstrap labels of several trees onto a single tree
  • Full access to each node: modify node caption, branch caption, branch width, branch length, etc.
  • Annotate internal nodes (cluster nodes, clusters)
  • Collapse, Expand and Flip clusters
  • Re-root trees by using an outgroup
  • Define and visualise tags, e.g. arrows, boxes, text labels, etc.
  • Automatic replacing of taxon abbreviations (e.g. GenBank accession numbers) by complete names (e.g. by species names) using tab-delimited replacement files (edited with Microsoft EXCEL).
  • Fast location of nodes by searching for node names or other properties
  • Edit trees: move nodes, delete internal nodes, ...
  • Add links to taxa (e.g. to GenBank) and jump to the sequence data with a single mouse click!
  • Clipboard functions: Copy tree and insert into other software (Word, Powerpoint, ...)
  • Printing of trees
  • Imports: NEWICK (Phylip, MrBayes), NEXUS (Paup), ...
  • Outputs: NEWICK (Phylip, MrBayes), NEXUS (Paup), Vector Graphics (EMF, Windows Enhanced Metafile).
Software Link:  TreeMe - Phylogenetic Trees Analysis Software

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