IQbase - image organization Tool

IQbase image database will help you to preserve your organization's images and data while using a streamlined workflow that fits your needs.

Manage Your Valuable Image Data
Your organization spends time and money acquiring images. With IQbase, you can easily store and access this image data. Save time, save corporate knowledge, and save money.

Share and Search for Images Online
Share and search for archived images online via the web.

Quickly Find What You are Looking For
Use sophisticated search and query tools to find exactly what you are looking for. Locate images using metadata, keywords and other related information.

Streamline Your Workflow
IQbase offers a flexible interface that lets you archive and access images using techniques that fit your workflow.

Review and Compare Archived Images
Gain a better understanding of your archived images by using the many built-in tools for reviewing and comparing images data.

Report Your Findings
Share your image data using tools that allow you to quickly export to PowerPoint and create template-based reports.

Software Link: IQbase - image organization Tool

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