Sente 6 - Next Generation academic reference manager

Sente 6 is the next-generation academic reference manager. Sente helps you find, organize, review and cite the academic literature in your field, and it does it in ways that you have probably not thought possible before. Sente also helps you build and maintain your library of PDF files for these references, because having ready access to the full text of important articles can be critical. Sente also excels at properly formatting bibliographies in your papers, but you probably already knew that.

A New Approach

Many people open their academic reference manager only when they are writing a paper and they need to format a bibliography, because that is what reference managers have always been used for. But we think the world has changed and reference managers can be useful for much more than just formatting bibliographies.

Here are some of the things that Sente can do that might surprise you:
Search hundreds of on-line reference databases and check for new results each day.
Download and import references from web sites with a single mouse click.
Download and import PDFs just by clicking on the link on the publisher's web page.
Automatically create and populate references when you import your existing PDF files.
Quickly add references by entering only an ISBN, DOI or other identifier (Sente will automatically find all of the rest of the information for you).
Create any number of custom fields and use them just like any of the built-in fields and layout the reference editor to meet your specific needs.
Tag references with hierarchical tags.
Automatically maintain multiple copies of your library on different computers.
Take notes from PDFs, highlighting the text in the PDF itself, with a single mouse click.

A Real Mac User Interface

Perhaps the most pleasing aspect of Sente is that it provides all of the features you need in a real Mac interface. Sente was designed by Mac people for Mac people, with the attention to detail that you expect.

So, take a look at the other pages here describing some of Sente's more advanced features and watch some of the introductory videos to see Sente in action. Then download a trial copy and try it on your own data. We think you will start to see academic reference management in a whole new light.

Standard, Academic and Undergraduate Edition

Three types of single-user Sente licenses are available. All will work on up to three computers. Standard licenses are available to people not associated with academic institutions. Academic licenses have all the same features as standard licenses, but are sold at a reduced price to students, faculty and staff at accredited academic institutions. Undergraduate Edition licenses are available only to students and have a limit of 250 references per library. There are no other limitations on the Undergraduate Edition.

Demonstration licenses are fully-functional, except that only libraries smaller than 250 references can be synchronized with a demo license. At the end of the 30-day demonstration period, a Sente license must be purchased to continue using the application. In the case of an Undergraduate Edition license, libraries over 250 references can still be opened, but no additional references can be added until the size of the library is reduced below the limit.

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