Project management software - R&D Standard Reports

R&D Standard Reports

Included with standard reports are 50+ built in pre-formatted reports. In addition to standard reports, users may generate unlimited custom reports for any number of management reporting needs. Both capabilities ensure simple creation of management reports. Reporting also enables real-time access to financial statements and back-up details. Details on R&D PL are featured below.


R&D P&L is used to create and calculate profit and loss (P&L) financial statements. This application leverages and complements the information and reporting available in R&D Manage and allows you to:
Define multiple, consistent P&L types such as SEC, product, project, program, and division based on the same underlying data
Support different formats such as pro-forma P&Ls vs. comparison or trend P&Ls
Generate P&L statements over any time period
Utilize plans (budgets or forecasts) or actuals in the calculation of statements, as well as support variance reporting
Keep track of multiple versions and group several reports together for simultaneous generation
Download to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation

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