Software to analyse Pharmacokinetics - Phoenix® NLME™

Phoenix® NLME™ - Powerful New Data Processing and Modeling Tools for Population PK/PD Analysis

Phoenix NLME provides data processing and modeling tools for population PK/PD analysis. With a visual workflow engine, high quality graphics, and an easy to use graphical user interface, population PK/PD modeling has never been this accessible, flexible, and powerful.

Phoenix NLME shortens the learning curve for drug development scientists to make initial use of population modeling methods, and also provides cutting edge tools required by advanced modelers.

Phoenix model objects make Phoenix NLME both powerful and easy to use. Start with a built-in model, selecting model configuration options such as number of compartments and route of administration. Optionally modify the model graphically or fine tune the model using the Phoenix Modeling Language (PML). Specialized problems can even be handled through a user defined log-likelihood function.

All or part of your modeling workflows can be copied and pasted into new workflows or saved as templates and reused using different data thus saving time and increasing productivity.

Model building efforts are supported by built-in tools for covariate modeling, model evaluation, and model comparison. Start with a structural model and graphically evaluate the effects of covariates. Perform covariate search to automatically select the best model based on a specified improvement of a particular criterion. Create a report that compares several models? goodness of fit plots and statistics. See a record of your modeling efforts in a display that shows model nesting structure and statistical comparisons.

Phoenix NLME includes the following engines: FO, FOCE (ELS and Lindstrom-Bates), Laplacian, adaptive Gaussian quadrature, naive pooled and iterative two-stage as well as a sophisticated non-parametric algorithm.

All Phoenix NLME engines are parallelized, to take advantage of new multi-core processors. With some customization, Phoenix NLME can be configured to work on grids and clusters.

NEW! Easy to configure Job Management System frees up the user's computer by allowing the execution of Phoenix jobs remotely on Windows servers.

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